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C200: Doing My Part

2011 April 1
by dan bertolet


I finally decided it’s time to grow up and do my part about this whole environment thing everyone keeps talking about. So I donated all my bicycles to the needy and threw down a fifth of my recently awarded $500k MacArthur Genius Citytank Grant on a sweet new ride. That’s her in the photo.

And did you look closely? Perhaps you can’t you read the tag on the fender? That’s right tree-huggers, it’s a hybrid. I’m the green Tony Soprano!

Yes, you still can have it all in America. Kinda sad to watch those sissy Europeans talking about banning internal combustion engines in cars by 2050 or some such defeatist nonsense.

But hey you guys, do you think chrome on black was the right choice? It’s been keeping me up at night.


Dan Bertolet is the founder of Citytank and has owned 11 cars in his life (and that is the truth, April Fools or not).