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Citytank is a blog, sure enough. But more:

  • Citytank is a think tank for cities.
  • Citytank aspires to be an online convergence of the best thinkers and doers in urbanism both locally and nationwide.
  • Citytank will generate pointed analysis and advocacy that supports the proposition that cities are our best hope for achieving economic, social and environmental sustainability, from the local to global scales.
  • Citytank will address the need to bridge the knowledge gaps between policy, research, and design.
  • Citytank’s mission is to propagate ideas that help fulfill the promise of cities to both expand the human spirit and sustain a thriving planet.

Citytank was thunk up by Dan Bertolet. He’s a recovering electrical engineer and lately an urban designer who created a blog called Hugeasscity that in the course of two years grew an audience of over 17,000 unique site visits per month. In 2010 the Seattle news and politics web site PubliCola swallowed up Hugeasscity, exposing Dan’s writing to a much broader audience. Dan has long believed that Seattle needs a source of analysis and commentary to help bring sanity to debates over policy that will shape the future of the City. Thus, Citytank.


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About the Citytank logo: It’s an abstraction of Ebenezer Howard’s diagram of a Garden City, which he devised in 1902.