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Insight Into Cities: Looking At What We Value

2011 June 15
by Dan Staley

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Green Infrastructure is a key element of cities. Plus, Green Infrastructure affords everyone an interesting lens through which to view the city.

For example: Green Infrastructure provides multiple, reinforcing benefits across scales and space. Urban tree canopy provides benefits far exceeding costs, including intercepting  and absorbing particulate matter air pollution, cooling surrounding areas, intercepting and slowing precipitation,  conserving energy by shading building envelopes , increasing residential and commercial property values, providing restoration from stress and urban conflict , to name a few.

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Yet we strangle Green Infrastructure at every opportunity, despite the services provided for free. Don’t believe me? Check out this interesting photo series. What has been happening in Europe is finally reaching our shores, with a hemispheric twist. What does this series tell us about our priorities? What does it say about technological optimism? How do economic paradigms fail when considering Green Infrastructure as a public good?

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