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“A Message Of Arrogance”

2011 June 18
by dan bertolet

I hesitate to drag Citytank down to this level, but since I was called out by name, I can’t resist noting the comment made about me by the Seattle Displacement Coalition’s John Fox and Carolee Colter in a recent Capitol Hill Times editorial.

Under a heading entitled A message of arrogance, they cite the following from a recent blog post of mine as an example of “disturbing arrogance:”

Decisions of regional consequence should not be left entirely up to local residents…. Seattle’s leaders have an obligation to make sure land-use decisions benefit not just the neighborhood but also the greater region and…the entire planet.

Got that? If your concerns extend beyond the boundaries of a local neighborhood, you are arrogant. Might I suggest, Mr. Fox and Ms. Colter, that next time you work with an editor. Unless, that is, you both truly do believe that every neighborhood is an island and people have no business getting involved in regional or global issues.

P.S. I’ve had some fun with Mr. Fox in the past (here, here, and here), so I guess it’s only fair that he finally hit me back with a real zinger.