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South Lake Union: Part of Our Regional Vision & Obligation to the Next Generation

2013 March 12
by Futurewise

NOTE: The following post contributed by Futurewise is part of a series from advocacy groups supporting the proposed rezone in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood.


We all deserve the opportunity to live and work in a great neighborhood where we have a chance to succeed.

But for much of the 20th Century, thoughtless sprawl consumed our region’s farms and forests. Middle class families were pushed to rural subdivisions, creating longer commutes, more expensive household and infrastructure costs, disconnected communities, and loss of open space.

To change the sprawling patterns of our past, two decades ago the state adopted the state Growth Management Act to encourage growth in our cities while protecting our farmland and forests.

Now is a pivotal moment for our region and the success of our state’s most effective policy in creating livable communities.  Over the next 30 years, another 1.5 million people will move to our region. To rise to our climate challenge and to create more equitable communities, we must now build housing, jobs, and services near one another while also maintaining good design practices.

The South Lake Union rezone does this. Thousands of new jobs and housing – including affordable housing — get created. An estimated 25,000 acres of farms and forests get protected. Historic buildings get protected. $27.5 million gets invested in street and community infrastructure.

South Lake Union is a realization of our statewide and regional planning legacy. And now it’ll be part of our legacy to the future. Let’s get it done.