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Great City Building Starts With A Back-of-the-Napkin Sketch

2012 April 22
by dan bertolet

< Looking west from the corner of Lenora Street and Westlake Ave in downtown Seattle. The car lot on the right is the site of a future office tower for; photo by Dan Bertolet - click to enlarge >

Today is Earth Day, but I still think we need a City Day too, because in this era of global urbanization, what happens in cities will largely determine the fate of the Earth. And how we build our cities will dictate what happens in them.

In this spirit of progressive city building, you are invited to the second City Builder Happy Hour, Tuesday May 1, 5pm to 7pm at the Pike Brewing Company, 1415 1st Avenue in downtown Seattle (Facebook invite).

Do you have an idea for how we can build a better city? Do you want to be given the spotlight to mouth off about it during the next City Builder happy hour? If yes, please submit your idea on the back of a cocktail napkin. You can email a picture of the napkin to, or mail it to City Builder Happy Hour, c/o Sierra Hansen, 1809 Seventh Ave, Suite 1111 Seattle, WA 98101.

At the first City Builder happy hour, Matt Roewe pitched his idea for a gondola connecting Capitol Hill to Seattle Center. Matt’s blog post on the same topic set a new record for page views on Citytank, and the story was picked up by a wide range of media including local TV news.  Can you top that?