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C200: Why Cities Matter in 200 Words (+/-)

< Downtown Seattle from the Mt. Baker neighborhood - click image to enlarge; photo: Dan Bertolet >

In the spirit of the mission of Citytank we asked people to tell us in 200 words why cities matter: the “C200” series. Never mind that most authors went over 200 words.

The series will run starting on the Citytank launch day, March 15, 2011, with a few posts published per day until they run dry. But we hope that C200 will be an ongoing project, and if there’s anyone out there who wants to take a crack at a C200 post, please email your idea to (Please understand that we cannot promise to publish every pitch we receive.)

View all the C200 posts here, or use the growing alphabetical list below.

Thank you thank you thank you to all who contributed!

< List: The Citytank C200 Series >

  1. Yuri Artibise: Urban Fabric: The Form of Cities
  2. Sally Bagshaw: The Viaduct and the Vision
  3. Lesley Bain: Unearthing Neighborhood Assets
  4. Knute Berger: Know Thy City
  5. Dan Bertolet: There Is No One Solution
  6. Dan Bertolet: Coming Home
  7. Patricia Chase: Why Cities Don’t Matter
  8. Sally Clark: Why Cities Matter
  9. Jessica Clawson and Dan McGrady: Leadership for Great Neighborhoods
  10. Richard Conlin: Density and Community
  11. Lee Copeland: The Place of Seattle
  12. Charlie Cunniff: The Business of Tackling Climate Change
  13. Joshua Curtis: How To Wrap Five Eggs
  14. Kevin Daniels: How Preservation Ethos Plays Into A Great City
  15. Bob Drewel: A Successful Region Needs Successful Cities
  16. Liz Dunn: What Would Jane Do? (The Granular City as a Mediator of Change)
  17. Alan Durning: The Details Make The Difference
  18. Gene Duvernoy: Who Needs Cities?
  19. Richard L. Dyksterhuis: Sidewalks as Yellow Brick Roads to HealthPeter Erickson: Cities as as Solution to Climate Change
  20. Josh Feit: The Policy Staffer is the DJ
  21. Chris Fiori: In The New “Rentership Society,” Cities Offer The Best Means To Share Scarce Resources
  22. Ellen Forney: The True Meaning of Cities Revealed
  23. Ray Gastil: The Stimulus Package: Learning from the City
  24. Edward Glaeser: The Revolution Will Not Be Facebooked
  25. Sarah Goodyear: Bike Dispatch from NYC
  26. Meredith Hall: Time
  27. Rob Harrison: Acknowledgements
  28. Denis Hayes: Resilience and Self-Sufficiency
  29. Michael Hintze: The Bicycle
  30. A-P Hurd: Whither Streetcars?
  31. A-P Hurd and Scott Wolf: Success : Damage Ratio
  32. Nathan James: The Kids Are Alright
  33. Megan Jasper: Cities: The Cradle of Degeneracy
  34. Mary Johnston: Drop by Drop
  35. Ray Johnston: Spatial Diversity
  36. Mike Kent: The Best Is Yet To Come, Seattle
  37. Japhet Koteen: The Just Metropolis
  38. James Howard Kunstler: Not Your Grandmother’s Cleveland
  39. Carolyn Law: Why Cities?
  40. Al Levine: Let’s Stop Putting The Cart Before The Horse
  41. Roberta Lewandowski: City Planning Before the Growth Management Act
  42. Sarah Lewontin: Affordability Is Critical To Great Cities!
  43. Josh Mahar: Urban Design From Below
  44. Ben Martens: The City, Inspired
  45. Brice Maryman: How To Steal A Car
  46. Mike McGinn: This Is What A City Makes Possible
  47. Steve Moddemeyer: I Dream The City Resilient
  48. Cary Moon: 21st Century Infrastructure
  49. Charles Mudede: Cityants
  50. Lewis Mumford: Regions—To Live In
  51. Lewis Mumford: Foresight
  52. Lewis Mumford: The City in History
  53. Greg Nickels: Growing Well
  54. David W. Orr: Not “global warming” but planetary destabilization:  What’s to be done?
  55. Tim Pittman: Asking The Right Questions
  56. Gordon Price: When Does a Suburb Become a City?
  57. Stephanie Pure: Seattle’s Political Weakness
  58. Tom Rasmussen: A High-Performing Trolley Network for Seattle
  59. Cheryl dos Remedios: 1. Art=Sustainability; 2. Art=Money
  60. Lisa Richmond: Design Is A Verb
  61. Eric Schinfeld: Density = Economic Development
  62. Jon Scholes: A Tale Of Two Downtown Neighborhoods
  63. Mark R. Schuster: Community Re-defined
  64. Michael Seiwerath: Preserving an Ecosystem
  65. Katie Spataro: Getting Serious About Water Will Take A City-wide Effort
  66. Dan Staley: Old Pipe Dreams
  67. Peter Steinbrueck: Our Fractured Metropolis
  68. Tim Trohimovich: Want to save working farms, working forests, and Puget Sound, and be happy? Live in a dense city.
  69. Roger Valdez: Are We Sustainable Yet?
  70. Scott Wolf: The Public Realm
  71. Chuck Wolfe: Busting Barriers and Achieving the Urban Balance
  72. Jeff Wood and Dena Belzer: Transit as a Market Extender